Hello you 🙂 Just call me Biggi. I am a German vocal coach and singer/writer who loves to inspire and empower people. I am completely convinced that everyone has an inner artist and a potential to grow into being a person they would not even have imagined. In my workshops for voice and creativity I have seen it again and again: People who were sure that they cannot be creative, simply wrote their lyrics and did their projects, became open to their new ideas. Even though they were completely stuck before.

Also I am crazy enough to study medicine again and will be a doctor 2019, if it all works out perfectly. Strange mix, I know! But music is medicine – and I am excited to hopefully create a combination with these wonderful structures and new skills here in the digital arena …;)

Music is my medicine. In the last decades I had the blessing of having become the most played studio TV singer in Germany thanks to great partnerships (Andreas Bruhn, Chapeaux!).
I was extremely lucky to fulfil the biggest and wildest of my dreams: a big fat major record deal with the Rammstein label and the dream of artistic freedom with my own alternative rock band motorsheep amongst world class musicians! Touring, MTV, some awards won, it all became real. So … beware of your dreams – they might come true! 🙂
There is a shadow side to that, too. Of course. But let me start with my mission: Yes, it IS possible to make your dreams real – if you want to do the work! So can you. So let me ask you: What is your dream life?
Have you ever written it down? Have you ever given it a real chance?
Write me, please. I am an inquisitive nature. I want to know and if you look for a business you truly love, then perhaps I have got a fantastic recommendation for you. But more to the digital tools that are door openers to your success later. Right now I want to introduce myself to you. Someone who is a shy nature, believe it or not.
Also in Europe people usually know my singing voice from a few hundred TV commercials. From Audi, Telekom, Fa, Mercedes, being on stage with Blümchen to being radio station voice of Radio Berlin and playing at the Zillo Gothic Festival.
After 20 years of a successful music career I now went back to university to finish my degree in medicine. Crazy mix. But music is a healer, a playground and a power plant. and I am on my way to connect those with the help of digital media.
What a treasure chest is waiting within each one of us to be discovered and used. I love to inspire people! For decades I have been teaching vocals and creativity and cannot stop to be amazed by the effect on peoples power. People plug in when they create music, sound, lyrics, art and heart projects. By simply getting closer to the source of creativity and music. I love to be a muse, a musician and coach for people who dare to grow. It is fun like treasure hunting to me.
Where do you want to be in 5 years from now? If you are supported with the best people around, how could you develop?
Please write me a not of your biggest dream. And what keeps you from it!
Thank you so much for sharing some of your world with me!
A big hug from Germany to you by Biggi 🙂
Birgit Fischer